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  • Serious Game University

    Serious Game University - Online Serious Game Courses for Universities & Higher Education Institutions

    Tags: SGU, Serious Game University, Serious Games, Serious Game, Serious Game Courses, Game Development, Game Design, serious, games, training, simulation, development, design, unity, online, courses, higher education, universities, gaming, curriculum

    2046 days ago

  • Games and Meaningful Play @ Michigan State University

    Serious games and meaningful play are a focus of faculty in the Telecommunication, Information Studies, & Media department at Michigan State University. We offer an MA degree program and three-course fully online graduate certificate program in serious games. Serious games are games with purp...


    2046 days ago

  • Designing Better Educational Games

    Educational gaming has a bad rap. So, would be fair to say that educational gaming only belongs in the classroom? Maybe. Students are already there to learn about various subjects. Is it up to the teacher to create fun physical games? No. Teachers are there to help them learn, not to keep up with...

    Tags: game design

    2046 days ago